Thank you

Providence Art Windows lost many sites due to development and new owners of buildings in 2015. This is progress, not sadness, as the beginning of the project was to fill gaps in downtown Providence that were empty storefronts or spaces of darkness at night. The project lit up areas so passers by, by foot or car, could look at an upcoming artist or learn something new from a non-profit invited to participate in an artistic way. It helped to fund artists during the recession. During and after the project, I and former Director/founder Elizabeth Keithline have been contacted about the success of the project, how to run similar  projects. What I learned is that this was a project for this particular time and space, and that  the needs of any business area are unique. We could give advice, but it is thinking about what your community needs that is most important. It was a great decade filled with wonderful relationships with downtown business owners, over 200 artists creating installations, and interacting with the public on a more intimate scale-on the street, not in some gallery or a museum. 

Thank you for visiting, and please take a look at all of the wonderful past installations on this site. 

Rebecca Siemering

Director, Providence Art Windows