Now on View

Providence Art Windows is pleased to announce that its winter installation series will be on view through March 2011. The current art and art installations in the downtown windows are produced by Jon Creamer, Jennifer French, Abby Saunders, Serena JV Elston and the International Gallery of Heritage & Culture.


203 Westminster Street

Abby Saunders


mixed media

About the Work

This piece was first shown at Bannister Gallery in Providence, RI in May 2005. The Remington Noiseless was a gift from metalsmith Sondra Sherman, and the space bar was hand engraved by George Beattie. Images are set and photo-etched in brass, and certain keys have been cast in brass. The keys have been ground away to create unintelligable type when struck.

About the Artist

To learn more about the artist, please go to http://abbysaunders.com/


URI Library

International Gallery of Heritage and Culture

About the Work

The window display includes a series of mini-murals created by former members of the International Gallery AmeriCorps Program for space beautification: African American Musicians by Natalie Markward and a mural depicting Rhode Island African American historical figures for the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society, painted by Munir Mohammed.

About the Artists and the International Gallery
The Mission of the International Gallery of Heritage and Culture is to create and support a community of Rhode Islanders who celebrate the convergence of their diverse artistic and cultural heritage.

The International Gallery for Heritage and Culture was founded in 1996 by Linda A’Vant-Deishinni and her husband Munir D. Mohammed, a museum without walls that utilizes art and history to promote cultural understanding. Together they designed many community outreach programs that include exhibitions, art education, lectures, performances and space beautification projects. They have partnered with museums, education institutions and organizations to provide enrichment programs for the state of Rhode Island.

191 Westminster Street Space 1 and 2)

Serena JV Elston

About the Works

More Absurdity.
(left window)
These works were made in response to a friend's suicide and being hit by a car. They are a physical manifestation of coping mechanism developed to battle depression.

Banquet (right window)
These Commemorative tapestries are the relics of 3 Banquets held to honor the attending guests.

During the winter of 2008 a Banquet Hall was erected from two suspended Scissor Trusses and a 13ft long 20 person dinner table sat inside the ship like structure. The exterior was shielded entirely with welded plastic bags and the inside was plated with silver heat reflective mylar sheets.

About the Artist
Serena JV Elston received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a focus in both Sculpture and Architecture. She served in the artist group The Tinderbox in Brattleboro, VT for three years till it’s closing in December 2008. Her creations demonstrate possibilities through an intimate understanding of material. Colliding Ridiculous with Craft she animates wingnuttey wherever her humongous projects sit themselves. Past works include a Portable Suspended Banquet Hall, Twenty-person Dinner Table, Two-Story Yurt, and a constructing her own burial chamber. She has future plans to cover the world in cozy hammocks and to one day build a castle on US soil with a velladrom full of skateboarders as its motte.

To learn more about the artist, please go to http://flickr.com/photos/serenajve/

Fulton Street

John Creamer

The Sky Above; 1998 - 2011 (Years of Indiscretion III)

About the Work
Most of the photographs I take come about with a particular project in mind and add up fairly quickly. The thousands of Polaroids I have taken over the years were done so without
any particular purpose in mind, quickly put away in boxes or sent off in letters to friends in far away places. This is a portion of the third piece to come about in my finally trying to make some
sense of all that I have collected. My only hope is that this mostly summer made sky, put together from its clabbered and clear, dusky and dawning and midday pieces, found on a city street, as winter makes its way, might hold your attention for a few moments.

About the Artist
I was born in Providence, currently live and work at a boarding school in Groton, MA. I have a B.Sc. in mathematics from Brown University and an MFA in photography from Bard College.
More of my work can be seen here: http://jonanoj.blogspot.com/