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Jade Sisti

The Red Series
oil, acrylic, mixed media

About the Work

“Right before my eyes is what I’ve come to find. A light as bright as any light these 

eyes of mine could hope a light might be.” -Amon Tobin

Light is its strongest when it is about to die, pouring over us in a warm and comforting embrace. Hues fading into shades and beams of radiance glisten in its last moments of glory. Red in its most pure and primary form resembles that of a dying sun, a sun providing that of a warm and reassuring notion that it will return. My work captures that single expression or emotion, simplified to highlight that moment in time, threatened by the realization that the moment will end, yet excited by the prospect that it can be reinvented. The intention is not to mourn the loss, but to embrace the possibilities. 

About the Artist

Jade Sisti is an Art Teacher at East Providence High School and a prolific painter. She is a ‘Bubble’ of enthusiasm. Jade encourages and inspires her students to create and to dream.She works tirelessly to present their work in the school, the community, and at everyopportunity to aide in their growth and advancement.