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Jyll Ethier-Mullen

Ethier-Mullen is an artist, illustrator,and painter of jovial characters in whimsical lands. The primary land is known as Sickfeet, and it is the contextual world in which her characters adventure and interact with one another. It is a world of joyful tones, organic emotions, reminiscent textures, and inspiring tales. There is something strangely familiar in her work which reminds the observer of something in the past, while filling it with a fresh and hopeful commentary.

Her aspirations include a Sickfeet book, more art shows on the East and West coast, and a plethora of creations varying from magnets to toys. Ether-Mullen says of her work, “I want to express truths and real life experiences through an unreal world of extraordinary lands and characters.” She finds her sources of inspiration in Bjork, Tim Burton, Dr.Suess, Roman Dirge, Clayton Brothers, Jeff Soto, Edward Gorey, Barry Mcgee, Shepard Fairy, Blaine Fontana, Klimt,Gama-Go and many more…

Jyll curates a Providence art gallery called West Side Arts and resides on the West Side of Providence, RI with her husband, Travis, her son, Teagan, and her dog, Dunkers. Check out her work at www.sickfeet.net and also www.sickfeet.etsy.com