Fall Installation Open Until December 1

The art and art installations presented in nine downtown windows are by the AS220 Print Shop, Babette Allina, Ted James Butler, David J. Delay, Walt Chaney, Marjory Garrison, Peter Lutz, C.W. Roelle, and Rebecca Siemering, with a special presentation of Picturing America images. This Fall installation series contains artists invited by the Director that reflect intensive labor, obsession for materials or passion for subject matter. Materials range from adhesive vinyl, sound, lottery tickets and wire, to the City of Providence as a subject. To take the tour on your own, please click on the downloadable map above.

When you take the tour, you will notice several selections from the Picturing America Supplementary Materials for RI Educators. Providence Art Windows partnered with the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities( RICH ) to display a selection of the Picturing America reproductions relating to the RI Educators packet at The URI College of Continuing Education Library in the Shepard Building at 80 Washington Street and in windows whose artwork reflected similar themes in the packet of historical works. To learn more about Picturing America, and RICH, please go to rihumanities.org.

Please note, the URI Library section with AS220 Print Shop is down but lives online. Go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/providenceartwindows/ to see pictures of the installation.

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