8. URI Library, 80 Washington Street

AS220 Print Shop Key Members

AS220 Community Print Shop Staff and Key Members

Jennifer Almeida

Morgan Calderini

Kat Cummings

Michael Kachanis

Victoria Lockard

Stephanie McGuinness

Derek Schusterbauer

Carol Sweeney

Meg Turner

Meredith Younger

About the Work

* Please note the installation with the AS220 PrintShop is in transition. It lives online at the Flickr page, and the collective web site below.

The AS220 Community Print Shop Key Members, in collaboration with the general public and the Providence Public Library, have screen-printed and installed new work in the window of the University of Rhode Island’s downtown library.

Interested pedestrians who passed by a sidewalk-based screen-printing station received a simple prompt; “What would you like to see more of downtown?” In front of them lay a small assortment of illustrations – including trees, tunnels, bridges, and bicycles- that had been culled by Key Members from the Special Collections at the Central Branch of the Providence Public Library and prepared as silkscreen stencils. The images selected by the participating public were then screen-printed onto translucent window film. Once dry, these visual records of the public’s wishes were composed by the Key Members in the URI Libraries’ windows facing Washington Street.

About the Artists

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