4. Two Brother's Beauty Supply, Eddy and Westminster Street

Peter Lutz


Site-specific installation

adhesive vinyl, reflective Mylar

About the Work

Patterns of tree canopies have always intrigued me and I wanted to create a static image that would shift with the viewer’s perspective. The opportunities provided by the large expanse of glass of the storefront were too good to pass up so I have accommodated the glass itself into the piece. The image is created with adhesive vinyl, which attaches directly to the glass. I’ve always believed that the storefront window acts like a mirror, as well as a display case, showing the viewer themselves as well as the product inside, allowing them to evaluate their self worth while being confronted by the object of their desire. Behind the vinyl is a layer of reflective Mylar, which not only reflects the vinyl image, but also the surrounding view of the street and buildings and ambient light. As Providence citizens pass by they are presented with several sets of overlapping patterns and shifting perspectives.

About the Artist

Peter Lutz is a mixed media artist with a diverse body of work ranging from printmaking, ceramics, mixed-media installation, and video. Peter was awarded the 2009 RISCA Fellowship for New Genres and has exhibited in Rhode Island, New York, Kansas City, Florence, Italy, and Prague, Czech Republic. His most recent piece, “Cleave” was featured at the group show “De/construct II” in Providence RI. Currently, Peter’s work can also be seen in Pixilerations [v.6] exhibition in conjunction with First Works Prov,opening Sept 24 - Oct 11 in Providence. For more information about the artist, please go to peterlutz.com.

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