3. 203 Westminster Street

David J. Delay



drawings and collage on paper


About the Work

I approached this large window space as an “illustrated collage.” I wanted to create six drawings that would be strong compositionally and could stand-alone. I designed them so when arranged together, the whole would also have a strong composition and read as one complete piece. I played with scale and perspective within each drawing because I wanted them to somehow live in their own worlds. But still they are related thematically. And I added cutout leaves to fly through the piece and tie them all together and add to the idea of this being an illustrated collage

About the Artist

David Delay lives in Providence and has a studio in Pawtucket. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design for two years in the 1980's and returned to get his certificate in Natural Science Illustration in 2007. He is a member of the New England Chapter of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and The Pawtucket Arts Collaborative. With these groups he has shown his work throughout New England as well as at The Providence Art Club and the “First Thursday” event in Boston. He also has a line of note cards and everyday and holiday cards. This and his other artwork can be viewed on his website www.davidjdelay.com.

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