7. RI Housing, Washington Street

Marjory Garrison

Call and Call Again.

Paint on Canvas


 About the Work

An interactive piece that will keep you coming back for more. It's a story that starts in September and goes till winter. Daily recorded messages will be curated over the next three months, so call, and call again!

Call 401.626.4414 to hear a new sound or story every day.

About the Artist

Marjory Garrison spends far too much time on the phone these days, helping nonprofits around the country design and run grassroots campaigns. A writer and campaigner by trade, she likes drawing her friends into curious encounters and curated group experiences, whether through her mail art shop or thebiggestlittle.org. She is inspired by mileage and story-telling, and would like to make a career of sitting and listening to the stories you tell on long road trips.  

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