6. Fulton Street

Babette Allina


Things That Can’t Be Said

paint, glass, paper


 About the Work

This installation uses abstracted, reductive mark making as a kind of visual short hand to communicate something verbally obscure. It is intended to engage pedestrians in an exercise of semiotics – asking them to ‘read the sign(s).’ 

 It builds on an ongoing effort to create a lexicon of marks derived from objects natural or otherwise.  Some marks are accidents, duplicated repetitively, until they become part of the vocabulary. Recently, the work has taken the form of paint incased in resin to create visual “stains”, or in collaboration with the Rowley lab at URI, light emissions using bioluminescent bacteria and chemical inhibitors. The processes that are being explored are dictated by the ideas of containment, and public vs. private communication. 


About the Artist

Babette Allina is a painter living and working in Rhode Island.

Recent exhibitions include Myopic Books: http://vieralevitt.org/myopic/allina.htm, the Wheeler Gallery, and the University of Rhode Island Galleries.  Her work has appeared in various publications including ArtNews, Urban Design and New York Magazine.  She earned her BA in politics and painting from Bennington College, and an MA in political science from the University of Rhode Island. She is employed by the Rhode Island School of Design.

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