9. Trinity Rep

Madolin Maxey

Treasured Objects

Oil Paintings

About the Work
This body of work has evolved over the last two years and consists of paintings and charcoal drawings of treasured objects from my home. Predominantly they are black iron teapots juxtapositioned with a clay horse whistle, shells, and other small objects. I went back to basic charcoal drawing for most of 2008, exploring only the black teapots. These drawings are on corrugated cardboard and are, for the most part, 4’ x 4’. I explored every angle, shine, and texture of these teapots, and by 2009 I was ready to render them in paint. My desire is to not reveal their size or location but place them in ambiguous spaces and relationships. Often as the paintings evolved, the objects seem to tell their own stories of winter nights, gossip, sea scenes, or summer gatherings. Or maybe that is all in my mind and now it is time for others to come and interpret these paintings.

About the Artist
Colors and shapes lead the eye in a vigorous dance around her canvases. At first glance, her paintings seem to depict familiar landscapes and actual locations, yet they are only loosely based on reality. Madolin paints from memory, challenging the conventions of the medium with poetic grace and playful energy, Her emotional reactions to a place or an experience become a story told through color and line.

Madolin Maxey is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design. A Providence resident since 1982, she has been a member of the Providence Art Club since 1996. Although primarily a painter, she has built teahouses, designed extensively for theatre, and initiated public art projects in Providence. She maintains a studio in Providence, and can also be contacted through the Providence Art Club.

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