5. Eddy Street

Howie Sneider

Mixed Media

About the Work
Howie Sneider’s work illustrates manufactured landscapes and historic sites. Throughout his time in Rhode Island he has explored and documented many of the state's parks and formerly used defenses of the Narragansett Bay. The sculptures represent that personal journey through their combination of body forms, vintage photographic equipment and military surplus fabrics. The interlocking shapes serve as a metaphor for the mechanization of our culture and an ever growing set of accessories with which to enhance our understanding of the world around us. In these pieces the camera literally has a body to process and internalize that which it sees, raising questions about the recording of memory and the sharing of experience.

The photos were all taken in public parks maintained and preserved as historic sites. The images show the evolving state of our natural environment and some enduring monuments to the greatest mobilization of the 20th century.

About the Artist
Howie Sneider was born in Syracuse, NY. His childhood exploration of the forests and abandoned quarries of central New York encouraged his sense of wonderment and discovery. He moved to Providence in 1998 and attended RISD where he studied sculpture and photography. He currently runs the Public Projects for the Steel Yard, a local non-profit organization specializing in the industrial arts. He has taught welding, fabricating, sculpture and drawing and has collaborated with over 100 other local artists to create functional and decorative public art throughout Southern New England.

Prints and sculptures are available for purchase and more of his work can be seen at www.howiesneider.com

Special thanks to the RIDEM for their continued commitment ensuring access to and conserving our coastal resources and environment.

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