1. 191 Westminster Street, Right

Jason Chakravarty

Rudimentary Channels
U.S. Postal crates, lights

About the Work
U.S. postal crates possess a simple yet complex shape. The angles allow them to be configured in many ways while maintaining the simple presence of a building block. The corrugated plastic has a quality that lends itself to illumination. This installation represents a familiar tool- a tool that is becoming less vital. With quicker and cheaper alternatives to bill paying and evasive substitutions to hand written letters (email, instant and text messaging), postal services are becoming obsolete as our relationships become automated.

About the Artist
Based in Illinois and California, Jason Chakravarty creates mixed-media objects that explore questions of identity. Illumination is a key component of his work, most commonly in the form of neon, which for Chakravarty is the epitome of Americana. Materials such as glass, wood, metal, and found objects layer his work with narratives tracing the overlap between social, political, cultural, and personal identity. Straightforward imagery is collaged to create a recognizable vocabulary for investigating the search for individual identity among the perpetually proliferating brand-functions in the contemporary cultural landscape.

To learn more about the artist, please go to jasonchakravarty.com.

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