4. Eddy and Westminster Streets

Katy Foley & Anastasia Laurenzi

...like a Shadow of Time.
cast light, store-front window, glass bulbs, and wire

About the Work
The movement of time is observed through the seasonal shifting of light and shadow. Light bulbs are the material vessel, stationed to register the order of the sun’s daily geometric path as light travels inside of, or projects through them. The field of bulbs within the window becomes a spatial registration of light and light’s memory of time. As the changes of time move through the field, new intervals of light and dark are revealed.

About the Artists
Katy Foley is a recent 2009 graduate of the Landscape Architecture Master’s program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her latest installation, Intervals of Perception, 2009 RISD, demonstrated the passing of the ephemeral qualities of light and weather as a spatial experience of continual present moments and the perceived ‘thickness’ of space. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art where she made mixed media investigations of the movement of water over intervals of time. This work with time began with photographic explorations of Galway Bay while attending the Burren College of Art in Co. Clare Ireland.

Anastasia Laurenzi is a recent 2009 graduate of the Architecture Master’s program at the Rhode Island School of Design as well as a graduate of the University of Memphis with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Before attending RISD, her constructions were large-scale installations that dealt with the understanding of place using light (or the absence thereof). This led to a pursuit of understanding architecture and the way one moves through a space. Her most recent installation, at the Medicine Factory, explored the meaning of reflection and perception through the extension of light and anamorphic projection. Together, Anastasia and Katy are working toward progressing shared ideas of light and time in spatial construction, as well as a developing proposal for the Seekonk River draw bridge as an urban renewal site for Providence, RI.

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