6. Fulton Street, across from Providence City Hall

Bereaving Points South, by Adele Mattern

…and soon the birds and ancients

will be starting to arrive, bereaving points


--from The Racer’s Widow (Louise Gluck)

Bereaving Points South gives form to the act of making, and of transformation. A movement of birds, a talisman against forgetting, an acknowledgment of loss. Discarded elements of other lives are reconfigured and given new meaning through a single repeated gesture.

About the Artist

Adele Mattern recently received her M.F.A. in sculpture from The Ohio State University. Prior to returning to school, Adele was a clothing and textile designer and her work often engages textile materials and techniques. Recent shows include Lest I Be Quite Forgotten at ROY, in Columbus, Ohio and Vacant Place installed as part of the inaugural group show at Urban Arts Space, also in Columbus. Locally, her work was part of Lush at Grimshaw-Gudewiccz Gallery in New Bedford, MA. Adele has performed Soup Tureen, An Interview at The Pulitzer Foundation in St. Louis, MO. Earlier this summer Adele designed costumes for an independent feature film Kitchen Hamlet.

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