4. Two Brothers Beauty Supply, at Eddy and Westminster Street

The People, Emmet Estrada

paint on cardboard on wood

About the Artist

Every day at Top Drawer Art Center, Emmet Estrada paints people who he says are from China, Japan, Mexico, France, or Egypt, all in the remarkably speedy hand-style of a graffiti writer, and with all the "Spirit Resonance" of traditional Chinese painting. In order to supply Emmet with enough material to work at his natural rate of speed, the sizes of each paint surface with which Top Drawer would supply him naturally became smaller and smaller, and the subject matter of each more and more singular. Today, Emmet paints on average 70 3" x 4" paintings per day, 200 per week. His most recent installation is at his exhibition "My Show" at Top Drawer Art Center, 2731 Pawtucket Ave., East Providence, and will show through October 3rd.

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