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Rhode Island Illuminated, by Alice Benvie Gebhart

Overlook/Rhode Island Illuminated
"As an artist I specialize in fusing glass to create images of color and light. As with any artistic process one must start with an idea. My ideas and inspirations come from nature. I mentally record, take photographs and sketch the scenery around me emphasizing color and light in my compositions. Working off these sketches, I cut and layer colored glass in a kind of collage. These are fired in a glass kiln, often 4-5 times to obtain the desired effect. I often include specialty glasses such as dichroic glass and iridescent glass to give my work a luminescent quality. Iron oxide, mica, copper and 24 karat gold are added to the glass to create detail and special effects within each piece."

About the Process
Glass fusing is the process of using a kiln to join together pieces of glass. If you apply heat to glass, it will soften, become fluid and flow together. At appoximately1500ยบ, two or more pieces of glass will stick (or "fuse") to each other. When the right kind of glass is heated and then cooled properly, the resulting fused glass piece will be solid and unbroken.

About the Artist
"It has been a lifelong ambition to merge the making of art and the teaching of art. My goal as an artist is to bring about a visual appreciation of our surroundings in my work. Finding beauty in the ordinary is my inspiration. My goal as an artist and a teacher is to foster an appreciation for the visual arts and incorporate the arts in our lives."

Born, bred and educated in Rhode Island, Alice has worked as an art educator at Cranston High School East and Rhode Island College and as a fused glass artist in her East Greenwich studio for many years. Recent travel throughout Japan, Italy and Ireland has been inspiring. Her professional memberships include Providence Art Club, Art League of RI, South County Art Association, National Association for Art Education and the American Craft Council. Recent accolades include Best of Show win at Art League of R.I and participation in Open Exhibit, 2007, and Invitational Members’ Exhibition at South County Art Association. Alice has a two person show at the Providence Art Club in April 2009 with painter Marjorie Ball.

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