4. Two Brothers Beauty Supply, at Eddy

Heather Freedman & Greg Kozatek

Habitat Becomes You

Mixed media installation.

About the Work

Shelter is a common theme, as well as necessity, shared by all lifeforms. Architecture peppers our planet, taking the form of nests, cocoons, hives, apartment complexes and high-rises. As humans, we find comfort in the idea of home. It is a place to retreat to, and a place to start out from. We rest, we reload. Sometimes, after we've done all the growing we can do in one place, we get pushed out of the nest. We must move forward towards new opportunities for growth. All aspects of ourselves, as well as our habitats, experience the unavoidable change found in moving through the stages of life. Opened cocoons speak of a stage of life completed. They are left behind as time moves on, and serve as beautiful sculptural reminders of time past. A sense of history, as well as future, is created.

About the Artists

Growing up in the midwest, Heather Freedman relocated to Providence to attend Rhode Island School of Design. Graduating in June with a BFA in Illustration, Heather's work explores themes in nature and movement. She enjoys experimenting with a variety of 2D and 3D media. A background and continued interest in classical dance adds an aspect of performance to her work. Heather is currently serving a summer term at CityArts with AmeriCorps, where she is teaching a creative movement class and is enjoying sharing art with young people. Heather loves trees, dancing, and a leisurely coffee break.

Greg Kozatek was born and raised in Apple Valley Rhode Island, where he consequently spent most of his childhood picking apples. Greg attended Smithfield High School and now a graduate of the Illustration Department from the Rhode Island School of Design, Greg hopes to work as a part of a creative design/production team to create work for film, television and theater.

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