1. 191 Westminster Street, right

Delia Kovac

mixed media

About the Work

Born from detritus, DOMESTICATED, is part elegy and part western cultural mashup.

DOMESTICATED pairs reimagined ancient Greek drama masks and mediƦval helmets (Armets, Barbutes, Bascinet, Great Helms, Hounskulls, etc.) with images of the internet age. The protection, artifice, and individual dislocation of the ancient artifacts are distant cousins to our relationship with our contemporary selves. Created with humble materials, second hand cloth and overstock paper, DOMESTICATED accentuates the seams and genealogy of contemporary culture.

About the Artist
Delia Kovac was born in Milwaukee, WI. She received a BFA in Printmaking from the RISD and an MFA from Rutgers University. She is a former member of the underground Providence feminist art collective the Hive Archive. She worked in printshops on three continents including The Brodsky Center and the Singapore Tyler Print institute. She was a member of the video/music collaboration The Triple M Threat, which toured the Eastern seaboard. Her work has been show internationally including P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, The Hunterdon Art Museum, The Wunderground Show at the RISD Museum, Alexander Gray Associates, James Yarosh Associates, Gallery Angiel and 5 Traverse Gallery. Her work is currently on view in the Boston Drawing Project at Joseph Carroll and Sons Art Gallery. Delia Kovac lives and works in South Providence, RI.

To learn more about the artist, please go to deliakovac.blogspot.com

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