3. 203 Westminster Street

Jenine Bressner

Why are we fighting when we’re on the same team?
hand-cut and laser-cut textiles, glass

About the Work
I'm frustrated by the inescapable theme of "Humans vs. Nature." To tolerate it, I have to find humor in the inanity of this idea, and its failure to recognize humans as nature. Though it might be possible for people or other animals to survive in mostly- synthesized environs, such a state of existence would be an artificial life.

The most inspiring works I've witnessed have all been naturally- occurring ones. I aim to make things that reflect my respect and awe for the natural world, my quiet sadness for its/ our uncertain future, and the irony of humans trying to control and recreate nature itself in artwork that can only strive to be as beautiful as authentic life.

About the Artist
Jenine Bressner wants to see things she has never seen before. She aims to satisfy this wish by drawing with glass rods in a torch flame, laser cutting textiles, and by working in other various media. She studied glass at RISD and Digital Fabrication at AS220, through MIT.

Jenine was awarded RISCA's Fellowship of Craft in 2009 and is currently preparing for a show next year at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. To learn more about Jenine, please go to jenine.net.

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