9. Trinity Rep, 203 Washington

Rebecca Adams

Tissue Series

Acrylic paintings

About the Work

This body of work begins as portraiture and draws influence from retro and vintage black and white film. The series is a collection of black and white acrylic paintings, all on 12"x14" canvases. Every individual character is displaying the general and sometimes over exaggerated emotion of "sadness" , yet each painting represents the emotion in a unique way. The tissue ties each painting together as well as cinematically symbolizes "sadness" . As a whole, one can see the transition and of the many complexities and forms of the emotion. The sight of a mass of crying women does not only invoke the feeling of sadness, but also displays the complexity of the emotion by taking it to an almost comical level. The display of the paintings in a large uniform grid increases the overall impact through visual unity and allows the viewer to move through the work as film.

About the Artist

I am an artist currently living and working in East Side Providence. I graduated from RISD in 2006 with a BFA in photography. I have participated in numerous solo and group shows in Rhode Island, Virginia, and New York. I have shown work locally at As220 photo lottery, Pawtucket Arts Festival, RISD and Providence Downcity juried sales, as well as worked with The Hive artist collective and Dr. Sketchys life drawing program. My work and current resume can be viewed at my website as well as my blog: www.stashvamps.com

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