4. Eddy Street, Two Brothers Beauty Supply

Jillian Piccirilli

The PAWS Family

installation, dimensions variable

About the Work

This exhibition tells the story of the Paws family, as it was discovered by two sisters and then relayed to their daughter/niece. A well-to-do family that made its wealth in textiles at the turn of the century, the Paws are compelling in their intriguing family history and diverse value systems & aesthetic sensibilities. They are a living and growing, sprawling rabbit clan served by a respectable staff and housed in numerous locations across this country, though they are primarily based in New England. Their story can be a bit unwieldy, full of drama and intrigue; but then, of course, most families' stories are.

This exhibition of their living artifacts, historical documents, family pictures, and texts aims to allow viewers to immerse themselves in the Paws and their history. Their private lives, as told through the accompanying private correspondence between two sisters, has been thrown open and laid bare for the viewer. Our hope is that by sharing their reality, the viewer's own reality is enriched.

About the Artist

Artist Jillian Piccirilli studied art and anthropology at Cornell University, where she was the recipient of the University's Faculty Medal of Art and Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Medal of Art. Her work transverses a number of different mediums with a common interest in narrative, history, and expanding one's sense of the real.

{Contact: jillian.piccirilli@gmail.com}

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