1. 191 Westminster Street, Right

The Museum On Site

Westminster Stories

People, memories, buildings, and history

About the Work

Westminster Stories is where you are right now. It's this block and the one next to it, featuring some of the histories of the buildings and what lies beneath the sidewalk; it's also the stories of people we have encountered here, and the memories of people who used to spend time here. Every week, a new set of labels reveals another aspect of this downtown hub, so come back next week, and learn something new. Also check the window for further events. See more stories and share your own at www.westminsterstories.com

About the Artists

The Museum On Site is dedicated to helping people understand their worlds through site-specific, free public experiences that share ideas and information in accessible and stimulating ways. Learn more at www.themuseumonline.com

Interviews by Betsey Biggs, Caitlin Fisher, Andrew Losowsky, Lyra Monteiro, Carmen Montoya, Diego Pirillo, Meghan Townes, Shana Weinberg

Historical research by Krystal Appiah, Andrew Losowsky, Lyra Monteiro, Jonathan Olly

Model creation by Zac Bruner, Sin Guanci, Meghan McKenna, Paul Nickerson, Jonathan Olly, Rachel Ramer, Sylvia Ann Soares

Label design by Josie Morway (josiemorway.com)

Printing by IO Labs

Photography by Kyle Born, Jan Bruder, Ben Carter, Matthew Cylinder (matthewcylinder.net), Caitlin Fisher, Bruce Gannon (pheonixphotography.net), Tobias Goulet (TMG Photography), Alisa Kotler-Berkowitz (Alisa Grace Photography), Peter Green (providencefalcons.com), Andrew Losowsky, Brian Mackey (fineartdigital), Kelly McGovern (km.doggyyap.com), Karissa Mlyniec (klmphotographyri.com), Lyra Monteiro, Neah Monteiro, Graham Newhall (inthereef.blogspot.com), Paul Nickerson (pnlucas.zenfolio.com), Britta Schellenberg (brittaschellenberg.com), Gregory Shumchenia (gspstudios.com), Nathan Tia (simplynate.com), Walter Tsui (waltertphoto.com), Cindy West

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