3. 203 Westminster Street

Anne Alexander

Suspended Seaweed

Raku fired ceramic



About the Work

As a sculptor, I am greatly influenced by flora and fauna observed in the surrounding environment. I abstract and enlarge small parts of nature to create personal interpretations of forms. This organic iconography suggests themes of germination, growth, cyclic changes, and regeneration, all of which relate to human and animal life, our basic life needs and urges.

The viewer will also have an altered sense of his own size, as I play with scale in my work. The fact that one expects these forms to be tiny is important as they become unexpectedly more powerful when enlarged to a gigantic scale. By enlarging the size of the forms, I wish to make the viewer aware of his / her size in relation to one’s environment and also to add an element of surprise or humor.

The sculptures are often composed of groups of units. The piece then loses it’s sense of being an object and becomes an environment. One of my hopes as an artist is that after seeing my sculpture, people’s perception of the complexity and detail of form and texture in small parts of nature will be enhanced. If I am able to augment or alter one viewer’s sensation and appreciation of the natural environment, I feel that I have achieved success in my work.

About the Artist

Anne Alexander is a sculptor who lives in Southern Maine. She exhibits her work frequently in both in gallery and site sculpture shows throughout the United States. She carves wood and stone and models clay as sculptural mediums. Ms. Alexander has received two Pollack Krasner Foundation Grants and year long Fulbright Scholar grant to The Dominican Republic. This past year, while on sabbatical from her teaching position at Waynflete School in Portland, Maine, she was attended residencies at The Virginia Center for Creative Arts and The Vermont Studio Center. During this time, she also participated in the International Sculpture Symposium at The Andres Institute in Brookline, NH where her granite sculpture "Touch Me" is permanently installed.

To see additional images of her sculpture please go to http://homepage.mac.com/annealexander/ to find her website. Please also fan her facebook page of the same title.

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