4. Two Brothers Beauty Supply, Eddy and Westminster Sts.

Jillian Clark and Eric Rice

Marshmallow Life
installation, mixed media

About the Work
Our window is an attempt to use the entirety of a given space with limited resources. Over ninety percent of the materials used in this installation were either found, or donated by local businesses. The use of reclaimed and repurposed wood gives life to building materials that have been deemed otherwise unusable. The two larger trees in the foreground are constructed almost entirely of discarded pallets. The background is fabricated from recycled shelves and floor boards. The installation also features several spotlights and over fifty LED lights, all solar powered. The rough look of this landscape provides a distinct contrast to the oil paintings found within.

Throughout the piece is an underlying theme of conservation. Diminishing natural habitats create smaller gene pools from which these animals can reproduce. With this comes the risk of mutations, including albinism. The lack of pigment caused by this genetic anomaly puts them at risk in the wild where they require camouflage for protection. These paintings are meant to be seen as portals to a more realistic nature scene. Each creature is given importance through the strong sense of light and portrait-style framing. The animals seem, in return, very aware of the viewers’ presence. This awareness is intensified by the spatial relationship between the animals in their habitat and the people on the sidewalk.

About the Artists
Eric Rice is a third generation woodworker, born and raised in Rhode Island. He is currently a student of business at the University of Rhode Island, with a focus on retail design. His work has appeared at several locations including The Hive Gallery at The Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, and the AS220 Fools Ball benefit. Eric has also been shown on MAKE, a magazine and website devoted to do-it-yourself technology and art.

Jillian Clark is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a B.F.A in Illustration. In addition, she has studied in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Florence, Italy. She currently works at Homestyle on Westminster street, and as a freelance painter and muralist. Her work has appeared in various locations, including window installation projects in downtown San Diego.

Both artists currently live in Providence and share a studio in Pawtucket.

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