9. Trinity Rep, 201 Washington Street

Paul O'Connor

Left Window The act of predation always results in the death of the prey

Right Window In more complicated positions, it is much rarer; usually taking the form of a swindle succeeding only if the superior side is inattentive

Mixed Media with Collage on Paper

About the Work

The goal of these works is to illustrate how context, in this case the context of light, alters overall composition and the perception of the viewer. Backlighting and the use of translucent materials allow these images to change characteristics depending on whether it is night or day. This lets passersby re-evaluate their understanding of the work and experience a direct model of how meaning is dependent upon context. In the past, I have used juxtaposition of imagery and mark-making to alter the normal associations that the viewer brings to the work; but these pieces are the first of which change themselves, contrasting moods and compositions depending on their environment.

About the Artist

Paul O'Connor is an artist, printmaker, and bookbinder. While attending Rhode Island School of Design (Alum 2007), he was the recipient of the G. W. Hodge Award for Excellence in Printmaking and the Claiborne Pell Award in the History of Art and Visual Culture. He lives and works in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

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