6. Fulton Street

Barbara Owen

gouache on paper installation

About the Work
A grouping of works on paper, small gouache abstractions that when connected make up a “Fluttering”. These abstractions are caught in the moment of transition; a twisting or a developing that evokes movement, a falling forward and backward, a shifting depth of color. One can take in the picture as a whole, its shape and movement, or study each element as a separate entity.

About the Artist
Barbara recently moved to Rhode Island from Brooklyn, New York with her family. She has a studio in Pawtucket and finds herself at home in the area. She holds a BA from Bennington College. She has participated in several artist residency programs, including Brydecliff Artist Colony in Woodstock, NY. Her work has been exhibited at The Arts Center, in Troy New York, Southern Vermont Arts Center, in Manchester, VT amd BWAC, in Brooklyn, NY.

Barbara creates her work using gouache on paper, oil on canvas, ink on Mylar, and directly on walls. Choosing different vehicles to express her devotion to the theme of color relationships through abstract organic forms.

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