3. 203 Westminster Street

Meg Powers


Velvet and taffeta fabric, beading

About the Work
Certain creatures have taken on mythological roles due to their frightening appearance and elusive behavior, specifically, the Giant Squid. However, after years of human evasion, in 2006, a live giant squid was caught and subsequently died from injuries suffered in the struggle of capture. The Giant Squid has been de-mystified and reduced to a sad scientific specimen. Man has symbolically conquered the ocean by conquering one of its most elusive and cautiously revered beasts. A large body of the artist’s work focuses on glorifying the "uglier" or more frightening examples of the natural world in an attempt to shatter walls of indifference and revulsion between man and nature.
The myth of the ship-sinking, Sperm-whale battling giant squid is incorrect, but it inspires respect and reverent awe. Architeuthis, the Giant Squid, isn’t a creature with an agenda-it is, however, a creature of great speed and strength, worthy of out respect. This piece is an attempt to reestablish the reverence and awe inspired by the mythos of the Giant Squid. Royal colors and rich fabrics render the Squid as a mythic creature of opulence and regality, befitting its mighty legacy.

About the Artist

Meg Powers, a native of Providence, Rhode Island, has been immersed in the arts throughout her life. She is a freelance illustrator and costume designer whose first professional work began three years ago with Big Nazo Puppets and soon expanded into short films, animation, and theatrical costume design. Powers draws inspiration from a wide range of sources including natural history, fantasy literature and illustration, and the history of fashion and decor. The desire to illustrate and contextualize her historical and scientific research fuels most of her work. She has recently applied to several programs throughout the country and looks forward to beginning a formal study of costume design and production for theatre and film this fall.


Native Funk and Flash said...

Yay Meg!!!!! Meg the giant squid worthy of my reverence and awe!!!

Mixxie said...

Photo of Meg's squid window can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/conormac/3397276499/