Spring and Summer 2014

Spring and summer will bring color, beaded, threaded, embroidered, shredded and blinged out textiles to downtown Providence for the warm walking and viewing months of Providence Art Windows. Artists committed so far are Corey Grayhorse, Samantha Fields and Ricky Katowicz. Corey Grayhorse illustrates “nail culture” with her multimedia installation of her signature photography on Eddy Street within Two Brothers Beauty Supply. Corey worked with the owner of Two Brothers in utilizing supplies of rainbow hair extensions to round out her piece. Ricky Katowicz machine embroiders tales of lottery highs and lows at 191 Westminster Street. Samantha Fields dis-assembles a rainbow afghan, a symbol of kitsch and elevates it with threading  with 206,720 beads. Installations start popping up
April 7th and continue through the month of May, and lasting through September. More information and a map to follow, updated as new installations and committed artists appear.

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