Fulton Street

Samantha Fields

Triptych with 206,720 beads
recovered afghan, beads, 11’h x 7’w x2.5’d

About the Work

The work often begins with salvaged afghans. Reminiscent of a near past, the afghan isnostalgic but not ‘beautiful.’ It is often 
‘garish’ in color and made from synthetic acrylic yarn; so while it is hand-made and a reminder of the domestic, it is also reminiscent of mass production and industrialization. The afghan is kitsch, considered lowbrow living at the bottom of the hierarchy of taste as well as the hierarchy of craft. It is imbued with the culture of daily life, referring to our humanness in both its making and use. As a multimedia fiber artist, I engage with, weaving, beading, embroidery, crochet, and sewing as both an aesthetic and conceptual strategy. Through these modes of making, I explore different
social constructs associated with the decorative: gender, class, professional/hobbyist, the hierarchical categories of taste and morality, and craft and art.

About the Artist

For more information about Samantha Fields work, please go to samanthafields.com