191 Westminster Street

Ricky Katowicz

Windfalls or: What Passes Through The Needle’s Eye

Crinoline, thread, paper, paint, fabric, filler, bucket, bottle, syringe

About the Work

The large stitched portraits represent the moment in time that Amanda Clayton, Urooj Khan, and Abraham Shakespeare each received a substantial monetary prize by result of playing the lottery. The bucket, bottle, and syringe symbolize the tragic end that each faced shortly after winning. The glittering pillows are meant to signify the excitement of easy money while simultaneously relating, in form, to the stones of Shirley Jackson’s famous short story, The Lottery.

About the Artist

Ricky spends late evenings in his basement studio, using the sewing machine as a drawing tool. In addition, he creates noise and visuals for an experimental group called Wind & Ghosts, performs with an international puppet troupe called Big Nazo, and spends every day designing girls toys for Hasbro. He lives in Cranston, RI with his wife, daughter, cockatiel, and dwarf hamster. His work can be seen at his personal blog, in the Todd Oldham board book - Sundance Film Festival A-Z, and on toy shelves around the world.

For more about Ricky's work, please go here.

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