9. Trinity Rep, 201 Washington Street

Roger Lemelin

Paintings on Cardboard

About the Work
As a teacher of elementary age children, I find myself repeatedly giving the same advice;
work with your mistakes, let the paint do what it wants, don’t erase so much. With these paintings I decided to take my own advice and work in a childlike manner, approaching the canvas in a very spontaneous and fluid manner. I envision my paintings as songs or visual poems revealing fragments about the artist and his life; both spiritual, personal and mundane. Each layer of paint and color reacting to the last, visible as a history of the act itself. My aim is to be playful and direct in approach, allowing a dreamlike quality to coalesce. Personal iconography is added from photographs, figures that appear as almost translucent phantoms. Layers of interacting drips and puddles form shapes folding and overlapping into an ambiguous landscape. Ultimately, it is color that guides me, hues blending and creating a kaleidoscope of sorts.

About the Artist
Roger J Lemelin is an artist, musician and teacher living in Seekonk, MA. He currently teaches for the Worcester Public Schools and has received several honors such as Teacher of the Year. Roger holds a BA from Rhode Island College in printmaking, an MAT from RISD and recently received a certificate in Children’s Book Illustration from RISD. As an artist, he has had a solo exhibit at AS220 and displayed at other local venues. Roger is currently seeking a publisher for his children’s book, painting, playing music and planting a big garden in his yard.

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