4. Two Brothers Beauty Supply, Eddy and Westminster Sts.

The Hive Archive with New Urban Arts Students

Mixed Media

About the Work
Six women artists from The Hive Archive partnered with six young women artists from New Urban Arts to design and fabricate
a sculptural installation that celebrates the creative voices of women and girls in Rhode Island. The Hive artists began by exploring inner narratives of empowerment and inspiration with their partners. Together each pair created a collaborative piece for a series of
six collaborative pieces that define a story, a physical space, or
an artistic process that provokes each artist to make art. Each individual piece utilizes the hexagon of a honeycomb and this repetition ties the individual pieces together in order to form a central narrative. The Hive Archive believes that the sum of a whole is greater than the individual parts and that people sharing ideas, skills and resources will always lead to actions greater than those of any individual. This theme is central to Hexacomb, in which twelve individual voices come together to inspire a greater movement of women in the arts in Rhode Island.

The Hive Archive was founded in 2001 as a non-profit,
women-run feminist arts organization, focused not just on art
making and empowerment through creative expression, but also
on civic involvement and social change. We are a multi-faceted organization that strives to dismantle obstacles that limit women in reaching their full creative potential. The Hive Archive seeks to provide programming to support creative women and girls — including access to art studios, career learning opportunities, and skills expansion — to advance an accessible and safe environment for collaboration, learning, and activism.
Visit us at www.hivearchive.org

New Urban Arts is a nationally recognized interdisciplinary arts studio for high school students and emerging artists. Our mission is
to build a vital community that empowers young people to develop a creative practice they can sustain throughout their lives. We provide studio, exhibition space, and mentoring for young artists who explore the visual, performing, and literary arts through yearlong free out-of-school programs.

Visit us at www.newurbanarts.org
Hive Artists New Urban Arts Artists
Deb DeMarco Amanda Abreu
Heather Guidero Ginger Avila
Jori Ketten Alyce Brown
Kirsten Lamb Ava Ginsburg
Monica Shinn Kelsea Ricard
Alyssa Holland Short Sara Tolbert

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