URI Providence Campus Library

THE WORK CONTINUES November 3- December 12th.
Art and Healing Round Table November 13th  in the Paff Auditorium
Gallery Reception November 20th from with Performances by:
Tenderloin Opera, along with music, dance, inspired words, a group of Prayer Shawl knitters, and interactive expressive arts activities.
A multimedia exhibit of healing artists – fine artists, art therapists and rehabilitative artists, expressive artists - representing the use of art in healing, inspiring, transforming and overcoming illnesses.
The exhibit features the work of: the late Christiane Corbat, Mary Jane Began, and Cynthia Packard with Mary Ellen Benoit, Diana Boehnert, Mary Jane Condon Bohlen, Carol Conley, the late Sr. Corita Kent, Bill Comeau, Pam Cruze, Barbara Cunha, Cynthia F. Davidson, Sandy DeLuca, Tamara Diaz Ted DiLucia, Nichole Donje, Melanie Ducharme, Lilian Engel, Isabelle Engel, Ana Flores, Susan E. Fox, Barbara Ganim, Ginny Fox and the Peace Flag Project , Susan Fossati, Ricky Gagnon, John Irwin, Kathy Horridge Kenney, Linda King, Michael Lapointe, Nora Lewis, Maaza, Saberah Malik, David Morse, Linda Phelan, Joanne Phillips, Lenka Kohoutova, Carol Rodi, Lynn Rosario, Barbara Rosenbaum, Erin Smithers, Karin Sprague, Sandy Salzillo-Shield, Donald Talbot, Jennifer Stratton, Rosemary Warburton; Munir Mohammed for Diocese of Providence, International Gallery for Heritage and Culture, and Mathewson Street Church/Headsup Inc; along with art, materials and information from the Rhode Island Department of Health Smoking Cessation Program.

In the Window: Mary Jane Begin

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