Two Brothers Beauty Supply, Eddy Street

Johnny Adimando returns with new works on paper. More information coming soon. The installation will be installed by December 2, 2014. Above is the work in progress.

Night Carriers I (The Red Circadian)
Mixed media on paper and mylar 
50" x 79"

About the Work
I learned the camouflaging properties of beauty, the navigation of intricately organized spaces, and the virtues of cleanliness and order at an early age.  At this time, I was also made to understand the existence of the omnipresent “other.” As such, the images in my work are decidedly labyrinthine, implying a constantly shifting-scale, referencing the shuttle cockpit, religious conclave, and burial chamber. The visual dynamic is one of complex symmetry, coordinated patterns, and elaborate constructions that form symbiosis with spectral visions and occult symbology.

I believe the world; as we know it, is a panopticon, and the “divine” is an ever-present watchman. Through my work, I explore the good-intentioned processes of self-imprisonment by way of dogma, fear, and morality. I am interested in this notion of the pursuit of perfection while under surveillance, and I continue to explore the confounding notion that servitude to any outside source can truly function in an ever-expanding universe. 

About the Artist
Johnny currently lives and works in Providence, RI.

Johnny Adimando is currently part-time faculty in the departments of Painting and Printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has also served on the Printmaking faculty at the Montserrat College of Art and Bucknell University.  Adimando earned his BFA (’05) from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and MFA (’09) from the Rhode Island School of Design.  He is the recipient of several major awards including a two-year fellowship and artist residency at Bucknell University (’05-’07), the Temple Rome Grant, a Frogman’s Print and Paper Workshop scholarship, and most recently, a Faculty Professional Development Grant from RISD.

His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is held by public and private collections including ; Philadelphia Free Library, Samek Art Gallery at Bucknell University, and Tower Investments Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.  His work also appears in a multitude of national print exchange projects and flat file programs.  He is currently represented by Diane Birdsall Gallery in Old Lyme, CT and Yellow Peril Gallery in Providence, RI.

Adimando’s practice is defined by a focus on intense detail, technical proficiency, and the harmonious mixture of various mediums.  His work does not subscribe to one particular convention; bridging dedicated engagement with various print media processes into photography, sculpture, and video.  It has been described as “art that speaks to a constantly shifting and material reality.”

For more on Johnny Adimano’s work, please go to johnnyadimando.com

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