Fulton Street

Peter Green

111 Photographs of 111 Westminster Street

pictures taken with an IPhone

About the Work

This is the view from my desk, so I see the tower all day long and the constantly changing sky behind it. One day the sky was a deep shade of purple. It was almost unbelievable, so I took a picture with my iPhone resting on the window sill. Then another day the clouds looked like pink comets, so I took another picture. I shared them with a friend who works in the building and she replied “Isn’t 111 beautiful?!” -- I didn’t know people had referred to the building as “111” so that gave me the idea to continue the series through the year and create 111 pictures of 111 westminster. Many of the pictures are beautiful on their own, but seeing them all together and comparing the changing colors is the most impressive way to view the series. If you look closely you can find helicopters, airplanes, and the rare wild peregrine falcons who live on the tower.

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