Fulton Street

John Creamer

The Sky Above; 1998 - 2011 (Years of Indiscretion III)

About the Work
Most of the photographs I take come about with a particular project in mind and add up fairly quickly. The thousands of Polaroids I have taken over the years were done so without
any particular purpose in mind, quickly put away in boxes or sent off in letters to friends in far away places. This is a portion of the third piece to come about in my finally trying to make some
sense of all that I have collected. My only hope is that this mostly summer made sky, put together from its clabbered and clear, dusky and dawning and midday pieces, found on a city street, as winter makes its way, might hold your attention for a few moments.

About the Artist
I was born in Providence, currently live and work at a boarding school in Groton, MA. I have a B.Sc. in mathematics from Brown University and an MFA in photography from Bard College.
More of my work can be seen here: http://jonanoj.blogspot.com/

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