3. 203 Westminster Street

Caroline Woolard

Our Goods

This installation is in motion and cannot be experienced from

one vantage point. Look for a peephole, hidden images, a website, and change.

About the Work
Caroline Woolard relocated the research desk of her experimental
barter network, OurGoods, to 203 Westminister Street. She will be
working at the desk, feet feeling sand, at surprise moments throughout the installation. Keep stopping by to see her work in progress. Hanging on her ladder chair is the launch project for OurGoods, a Utility Dress for barter only. Between an apron and a tool belt, this wrap dress was designed by Caroline Woolard over the past year and sewn by a talented male seamstress in NY. If you would like a Utility Dress, go to www.OurGoods.org and make me an offer!*

* Please barter your unique creations and skills. I am interested in
many things: your suffrage movement research, your glass shattering
voice, your serious drawings, your functional ceramics, your weird
glass objects, your (kevlar!?) textiles, your handmade furniture, your
web help, photo/video documentation help, conversational Spanish
tutoring, accounting help, yoga instruction, liability law services, help
growing hydroponic vegetables, vintage patterns, secret recipes, your
apartment in Manhattan to let my (good) guests stay in, or anything
else you value and/or make and think we should exchange. If you
absolutely cannot barter, you can donate $200 and take a dress.

About the Artist
Born Providence and based in NY, Caroline Woolard received her
BFA from Cooper Union in 2006. As a Research Scholar at NYU and a Research Assistant at Mildred's Lane, Woolard investigates the construction of subjectivity in architecture, art, and design. Woolard's interventions are presented publicly in the urban
environment and have been affiliated with psychogeographic events like Conflux in NY, Cryptic Providence in RI, and Unoccupied Spaces in Montreal. Caroline Woolard is the recipient of a MacDowell Fellowship, the Leon Levy Foundation Grant, and the Elliot Lash Award for Excellence in Sculpture. She has shown her work at the Newport Art Museum in RI, Jackson Gallery in GA, Oxbow Gallery in MI, and The Bruce High Quality Foundation in NY. Next, Woolard will show her newest collaboration with dancer Linda Austin after a residency at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center on March 28 at 2pm.

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